This section provides the background on Structural Fund mechanisms, health issues and the links between the two. It presents an overview of these issues, which are addressed in detail in the pages on the funding themes.

The pages describe the EU policy frameworks for Structural Funds and health, and introduce linkages between non-health investments and health outcomes.

  • The EU2020 Strategy is a overall policy framework for the EU. It sets out a unified strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth: this approach links health objectives into a common policy framework. EU2020 identifies Structural Funds as a key mechanism to implement the Strategy.
  • The approach to Cohesion Policy for the next funding cycle (2014-2020) will shape how Structural Fund resources will be programmed, managed and used.
  • Health policy is an area where the EU role is to coordinate and support the efforts of Member States. The European Commission has set out the need for “Health in all Policies”, meaning that all initiatives should consider health issues.
  • Health determinants are the general socioeconomic, cultural and environmental conditions which determine health and wellbeing, and are targeted by Structural Fund programmes.

Finally, indicators are a key tool for both health policy and Structural Fund programming. The page on health Indicators provide an introduction that compares the indicators used in both sectors, in order to help identify ways of bringing them together.